Star and Stone Druid Fellowship

A Grove in The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids

Star and Stone Druid Fellowship

Our seed group formed in January of 2010 and meets regularly for fellowship (feasting, chatting, gardening, walking/hiking, crafting, and other Druid-y activities) and ceremony for the earth year holidays.  Our festival rituals are based on OBOD practice. We became a Gove in February of 2019.

We have members from throughout Southern California, and we usually meet in locations near Los Angeles or the Inland Empire. 

How do I attend a ceremony?

Our public ceremonies are held during the light half of the year, from Alban Eilir (Spring Equinox) through Alban Elfed (Fall Equinox).  These are held at public parks.  At these public ceremonies, we welcome any Druids, Pagans, and other open-minded spiritual folk of any path.  We ask that if we do not know you, that you contact us so that we can get the details of the meeting to you, answer any questions you might have about our group and learn a little about you through a simple questionnaire.  This way, you will know what to expect and we will know who is coming. Send us an email if your interested: [email protected]

Please be patient as we have a very limited number of members in each region of Southern California and it can take a while.   If you would like to talk or meet with a member to discuss Druidry we can arrange that too.

If you would like to regularly come to ceremonies, but not join OBOD or the seed group, you can belong as a "Friend of Star and Stone."  

Our private ceremonies are held during the dark half of the year from Samhain through Imboc.  These are held at our Fellowship members' homes.  These ceremonies are only open to members of Star and Stone and their families.  It is our time of year to rest from meeting new folks, deepen our practice with one another during the times of grieving and healing, and conduct initiations and grove business.

The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids

Star and Stone Seed Group is a member organization of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids (OBOD), which operates from the United Kingdom.  The Order was founded by Ross Nichols in the mid-1900s as a form of uniquely Celtic spirituality.  Inspired by the Druids as priests, poets, and philosophers, with the intent to make this nature-based spiritual path a modern union of inspiration and intellectualism, the Order was born.  It now serves thousands of people world-wide under our Chosen Chief, Philip Carr-Gomm.  The Order offers a three-year home-study course in Druidry, events worldwide through its groves and seed groups, and fellowship through its gatherings and forums.

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